I aim to keep the prices for my Trailers low.

 Promo Trailers
Range from $20 - $27.50
 $20.00 for up to 5 covers.
$25.00 for up to 8 covers.
$27.50 for up to 10 covers.

(If you want other images added the cost will go up accordingly)

Book Trailers
Range from $30 - $45

$30.00 for 6 images and tags.
$35.00 for 8 images and tags.
$40.00 for 10 images and tags.
$45.00 for 12 images and tags.

Prices include an opener, your book cover, and music from ccmixter.

$15.00 is required down and the balance paid when Trailer is approved.

If you would like to order a Book Trailer email me at


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